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Updated: Mar 11


Give your students a meaningful and interactive experience they won’t forget. Watch your students step into the life of a local Beekeeper who shares her genuine passion for these fascinating insects in an engaging educational and memorable presentation.

Topics Covered

This talk not only covers a large variety of information on these mysterious creatures but also shows beautiful photography of the bees and the environment in which they work. The topics that are covered are.

  • The three different kinds of bees that live in the hive.

  • Basic Bee Anatomy

  • Information on the babies of the hive

  • Where do they live.

  • Different Hives

  • The value of bees as pollinators.

  • Ideas for bee friendly plants

  • What do they eat.

  • How do they make Honey

  • The waggle dance.

  • Fun Facts

A Physical Experience

Not only will the presentation be informative and an amazing visual experience, but it will also be interactive. There will be:

  • a box of frames in the stages of use from blank to rendered wax.

  • Frames of pollen to investigate.

  • Suits and tools that are used within the beehive will be shown and explained.

  • a frame of live bees in a special presentation case (late spring/summer/early autumn, weather and temperature permitting, and also depending on management of bees at the time - optional)

  • A display of photographs taken from the beekeepers themselves.

  • A small packet of seeds to plant your own bee friendly garden - for younger years.

  • Opportunity for Honey tasting for older years.

We require access to a smartboard and at least 4-5 tables.

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