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Restore your mind and your body through the gentleness and patience of

Natural Raw Honey and Bee Wax

Free from chemicals 

Meet Niomi and Graham 

Husband and Wife team 

We love the freedom of nature, the challenge of the Bees and the laughter of each other.

Bee & Berry is a family run Primary Production enterprise,

primarily for Honey production but opening up experiences to widen your interests and open your mind to the wonderful world of the BEE.

Our journey began with a shared vision and a determination to turn it into reality. We worked tirelessly, putting in long hours and overcoming countless obstacles along the way. But through it all, never lost sight of our goal and now, as we look back on far, we've come, we couldn't be prouder of what we've achieved together Our success is a testament the power of teamwork and the unwavering commitment to our dreams.

Our Story began with a simple idea - to a small but abundant crop of raspberries for the local market. We wanted to offer fresh and frozen berries, as well as the chance for foodies to enjoy a pick-your-own raspberry adventure. This has taken a back seat for the moment while we set the bees up, we've been working hard to a healthy and strong group of colonies. Starting with just 1kg of bees in a top bar hive, we now have over 90 hives in Langstroth hives. As migratory beekeepers, we move our bees to nectar flows, and moving into honeybee pollination. We're dedicated to creating a strong and sustainable business with multiple income opportunities.

Graham is the Muscle and the Builder behind Bee & Berry 

If it needs building or fixing or tightening or lifting Graham is the answer but he also has a creative side such as Photography many of the beautiful places, we see are captured with Graham's camera.

Niomi is the Marketing and Networking, the Business building and ideas, Niomi is the face behind the Beehive and school-based experiences encouraging all to look up and observe our environment. Niomi has always been the environmentalist now she can contribute and help make a difference

Niomi and Grahams children are fully involved and immersed into the world of Honey production taking part in everything from Contruction of bee equipment, bee management, to honey harvesting, assisting in the Web development, IT, and photography. 


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