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Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Why does my honey candy

The story of Raw Honey

Here at Bee & Berry,

Our Bees feast on fresh blossom far away from towns and roads.

From the hills near South- Eastern National Park to the rich farmland around Bombala, to the stark beauty of Dalgety, where the Snowy River runs.

Our Bees feed on nutritious bloom from tall Eucalypts to the flora that covers our earth, and in turn creates vibrant tasting honey.

Our extraction methods ensure the honey stays full, bold and complete, keeping the taste and healthy properties.

Which is why Raw Honey Candies more readily.

Honey candies due to the ratios of Fructose and Glucose in the nectar they eat, and the presence of pollen particles begins this chain reaction.

So, if our honey candies it tells you that our bees have had lots of different things to eat and the process of getting it from them to you has not destroyed the valuable goodness.

Can you see all the POLLEN!

You might even see pollen in your honey, this is an added bonus, pollen is said to be of benefit to our health

So, enjoy your honey in whatever form it is in, it is a gift from the bees to you!

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